What have we achieved so far?

  • Started supporting medical and rehab services for Canadian children with Cerebral Palsy in 2016. 2 children received support for a special SDR surgery, available only in the USA and many are on the wait list.

  • Initiated “Early Intervention program” and built a centre at Amar Seva Sangam (2012) for children from 0 to 6 years of age, born with developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy etc. The centre now serves over 448 children and has expanded to 11 centres in the rural area. HCI donors have sponsored 105 children and our goal is to sponsor another 100 in the near future.

  • Built a school expansion at ASSA (2012), with more classrooms and a lab to accommodate the growing number of students. Currently, the school educates about 900 students. HCI has facilitated the integration of special needs students into the school.

  • Higher education and Vocational training of youth with special needsHCI has sponsored students with special needs since 2002 and 158 of them have completed and are well employed

  • Established Volunteer / Clinical Placements for OT/PT graduates from Canada : Selected students from major universities across Canada are placed at ASSA every year, leading to a credit towards their degree in Physiotherapy or Occupational therapy. Professional OT supervisors are volunteering their precious time and skills at ASSA since 2014, which is making a huge impact in the rehab of children and adults. 49 students and professionals were placed in 2015-16.

  • Built the Centre For Special Education (2009) which provides a full range of rehabilitation and educational programs. Currently 89 children with developmental challenges are under our sponsorship and   92 children have successfully completed the program thru us.

  • An average of 80,000 meals is served under our sponsorship every year.

Re-built a village in South India that was demolished by the 2004 Tsunami. Constructed 17 homes and resettled the families.

  • 274 children are under sponsorships at ASSA & Maithri. In addition, 206 children have successfully completed schooling and are employed.

  • Funded a project to construct school building at “Vivekananda Educational Society” in Bangalore, India.

  • Supported a project to supply meals to needy children at “Seva Sadan” of Bangalore.


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