Nandhagopal requires a power wheelchair

Nandagopal.S (now 26 years old) was studying Electronics and Communications Engineering Diploma and was looking forward to completing his education and pursuing a career in engineering.

In March 2015, unfortunately, he met with a train accident while going back home from his college.  Nandagopal sustained critical spinal injury which paralyzed his lower body below the hip and his right arm was severed.  

The accident was a major setback for Nandagopal in enjoying his youth life and halted his dreams of completing his studies in engineering.   He had to deal with the trauma, come to terms with with his injuries and the mental agony of facing the reality of living with it for the rest of his life. Nandagopal’s situation not only caused him severe depression but impacted his family also.  

Please click here to view his video.

Nandagopal joined the “Spinal cord injury rehab centre” at Amar Seva Sangam (India) in Jan 2017, sponsored by Handi-care Intl. (Canada) Since then he has been receiving Medical Treatment, Intense Physio therapy, Psychological Counselling and Education in Computer studies. He has completed Basic computer training and is currently enrolled in Webdesigning course. Up on completing this course, job opportunities will open up for him.

Since, he cannot propel a manual Wheel chair, he desperately requires a power wheelchair which will provide mobility and independence.

Hand-Care Intl. hereby requests you to come forward and make a donation towards the purchase of this power wheelchair. This target is to raise CDN $1000 towards this purchase . Any donation of 20 dollars or more is tax deductible. HCI will send you the tax receipt.