Taurus 3D – Prosthetic Hand Project

Taurus 3D – Prosthetic Hand Project

Project by Jerry Ennett

Message from Jerry Ennett

Dear family and friends,

For the past few years Taurus 3D has been making functional prosthetic hands for kids in Southwestern Ontario using 3D printing. 3D printing has the ability to create custom, functional prosthetic devices for 25$. These devices are comparable to the less functional industry alternatives that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 
In the Fall of 2017, Taurus 3D is heading to a remote rehab clinic in the south of India to educate the medical professionals and clinicians on how to use 3D printing to provide inexpensive 3D printed prosthetics for their community. Currently, Amar Seva Sangam sees around 15 amputees per month and do not have the capabilities to provide these patients with prosthetic devices. Instead, these patients are referred to a clinic in Chennai which requires a multi day trip consisting over 20 hrs of travel, hotel costs etc… For many, spending this time away from work and family results in even more costs associated in obtaining a prosthetic device.  Also these are very poor, low income families who can not afford the cost associated.
We are traveling to this clinic to provide them with a sustainable solution to this problem. We are also launching the patient tracking program that will connect patients who need a device with trained professionals that can provide them with cost-effective 3D printed hands. 
To ensure our solution is sustainable we will be maintaining a long term relationship with the clinic and the patients using our 3D printed hands. We will be compiling the information we gather from patient and clinic feedback so that anyone designing and printing these devices in the future can create the best devices possible. 
Our goal is to create a sustainable distribution network for patients to receive technically advanced and affordable prosthetic limbs. 100% of funding will go towards the following items!
As of right now we are looking for support for the following:
1. Minimum of 2 flights (each costs around $2,500 due to travelling with equipment)
2. Machine Costs – $5000 (we will be equipping the clinic with a couple 3D printers) 
3. 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands! $25 each (hoping to make around 20 for the clinic to start)
4. Volunteer and Film Visa (minimum of 2 at $150 each)
This total is approximately $10,800 but our initial fund raising goal is $3,000
If you donate 40$ or more and you would like an awesome Supporter of Taurus 3D – Prosthetic Hand Project graphic T-shirt, we will send you one!
Note: I will send a pic of t-shirt to upload when they arrive!
Jerry Ennett

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