Utilization of Funds

What have we done with your donations

HCI funds highly reputable, totally dedicated and accountable Non Governmental Organizations for chosen projects that fall under the mandate. HCI also develops initiatives and programs for NGOs through theimplementation of attractive and viable schemes.

Allotment of funds to Partner organizations

Based on 2002- Oct 2016 Data


  • 40% Education & Rehabilitation sponsorships for disabled and poor children

  • 36% Buildings- Post Tsunami (2006), Centre for Spl. Edu. (2009), High School (2012), Early Intervention (2012), Life-Care Centre (2014).

  • 14%.Education, Rehab, Voc. Training for youth & Canadian student placements

  • 10% Rehab and empowerment of Spinal cord injured


Handi-Care Intl. has consistently maintained its operating expenses at an average of below 3% .

  • A total of about $1.5 Million has been disbursed to rural projects in India since 1992

  • $101,746 was disbursed to Amar Seva Sangam in 2012 to build “Expansion of School” project

  • $93,548 was disbursed from 2005 to 2008 to build Centre for Special Education at ASSA.

  • $70,000 was disbursed to CREED to rebuild Thonithurai village after Tsunami.

  • $60,000 was disbursed from 2011 to 2012 to build Early Intervention Building at ASSA.

  • $366,825 in endowment deposits towards our Adopt A Child, EI Child & Meal For A Day programs.

  • $155,155 was disbursed from 2004- 2016 to support the higher education of almost 160 disabled youth and 140 of them have completed studies and are employed.

  • $1,93,977 was given out for yearly sponsorships of children at ASSA, Maithri & Nesam

  • $130,156 was disbursed (2009-2016) for the intensive rehab of spinal cord injured at ASSA.

  • $106,508 was given to ER High School, Trichy, Vivekananda School, Seva Sadan & for misc. projects.

  • $30,000 has been spent (1993-2009) on building a rehab centre (1993), Polio Eradication, Prevention initiatives, Counseling of parents, providing support devices for the elderly & for eye surgeries for the blind.


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