Volunteer Board

President: Sulo Krishnamurthy MSc- Founder

Vice President: Gita Sankaran

Secretary: Meena Suppiah – Director since 2001

Treasurer: Sundra Rajan CGA – From 1998 to current

Vice Treasurer: Arun Luthra CA

Directors:  Dr. Dinesh Krishna,  Srini B. Srinivasan, Balan ManianSubha Shyam

Advisory Board: S. Kalyanasundaram, Rajan Suppiah, Mr. Gopala Alampur,
Latha Sukumar LLB

Past President::Pancha Sankaran  (2000 to Mar. 2008). Sankaran passed away on Mar. 6, 2008 and while his utimely departure is being mourned, his strength, determination, positive approach and leadership qualities will be remembered and emulated by each of the rest of members who are equally committed to the cause.

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