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Holistic Program Details & Registration
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Mandala Art - Swathika Anandan

Swathika Anandan is an urban designer by profession and lives with her family in Toronto. When she is not working, she is busy with her art studio “Colour Happy” - that was founded as way of sharing her love of drawing with children. She believes that Anybody Can Draw!

She prides herself on creating fun, engaging, dynamic and creative drawing sessions for adults, seniors and children between the ages of 4 - 10 across the world! She believes that every child is blessed with immense imagination and all they need is for the adults to believe in them that they can draw anything they want and to be able to see the world through their drawings !

I have Bachelors in Architecture from India, Masters in Digital Media from the US and a Masters in Urban Planning from McGill. While I am a city builder by profession, I am a creative person and love to share my knowledge of art with the younger generation and believe that Anybody Can Draw!

WhatsApp +1 416.836.8185

Sandhya Srivatsan - Musician and Gerontologist

Sandhya Srivatsan, the artistic director of Gaanavarshini, is a professional, South Indian Classical musician and educator with a passion to teach, motivate and help students realize their hidden potential.

A post graduate in Mathematics with a B.Ed degree, Sandhya trains students to perform solo, group concerts and to participate in competitions across North America. 
Sandhya Srivatsan, a certified Gerontologist from Ryerson University, has a passion to work with seniors, helping enhance their quality of life, and to encourage healthy & holistic aging. She has conducted intergenerational programs involving youth and seniors, music recreational sessions and workshops at diverse community organizations in the GTA since 2008. She continues to educate and create awareness about the benefits of music in healthy aging and music recreation by conducting seminars and workshops in person and online.

Sandhya researched and implemented a pilot music project for seniors at the Sheridan Elder Research center, Oakville on the topic: Effects of Music on Moods. She was also invited by the LIFE Institute at Ryerson University to conduct a course called Appreciation of Indian classical music, for senior citizens.

For the last 15 years, Sandhya has volunteered her time at adult day-care centers and nursing homes by being an activity assistant, music recreationist and conducting intergenerational music programs. Sandhya continues to advocate for seniors in her community to receive enriching programming.

Yogasanas - Chitra and Kunal Shah

Chitra and Kunal Shah have been associated with Ambika Yoga Kutir in Toronto since 2001 and have been teaching yoga for the past 18 years. They will be running a one-hour yoga class for twelve weeks starting on April 11th, 2021.

In these classes you will learn:

  1. Shuddhi Kriyas: cleansing techniques including breathing exercises to improve respiratory system function and enhance utilization of lung capacity.
  2. Asanas (Physical postures): including micro warm-up exercises to increase joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and to help develop balance and strength.
  3. Concentration and meditation practices: to reduce stress, relax the body and the mind, and sharpen the intellect.

JEEM BOOM BHA! Your Game Guys in Action!!

Our 2nd show - Saturday May 8 - 6:30 pm
Very exciting game show!

There are 5 categories with 5 questions in each! The categories include videos you got to watch carefully, tricky but simple Movie Mojo questions, Epic errands that will require recalling the stories your grand Ma told you and count on your TV watching skills on the Sports Mojo questions.

As done in the opening show, your responses will be gathered and worked on by our scorers to declare the Winner! The inaugural quiz show winner Ravindra Kumar got delivered the gift he loved!

While the responses are worked on, Harish Dada will activate your Musical Hearts bringing in your favourite Tamil Film duet songs rendered by Seetha & Shivshankar!

The zoom link sent by Handi-Care Intl. to all those registered with HCI Check Jeem Boom Bha broadcast message if you are part of Jeem Boom Bha!

New comers must register to receive the zoom link. Also add HCI's WA # (647)853-4419 to your contacts. You will be added to a Broadcast group and will receive messages in that group. You WILL NOT be able to receive the messages until the previous step is completed. Looking forward to seeing you all !

Sindhu - ZIN and Zumba Gold instructor

Sindhu is a certified ZIN and Zumba Gold instructor. Sindhu dance training started with classical Indian and has since spun off to bollywood, jazz, reggaeton and salsa. Zumba is a combination of dance and fitness moves that gets the heart pumping body moving! This program will cater to seniors and various mobility levels.

Healthy recipes - Quick and easy - By Sreenaya Naresh Kumar

Hi.. I am Sreenaya Naresh Kumar. I am very glad to be a part of this Holistic Living program. Though I am an IT analyst by profession, my passion for cooking from a very young age has strengthened my cooking instincts. Having explored a variety of cuisines, sharing tasty, healthy and easy recipes with you will be my prime motive.

As we are racing against time in this busy world, eating healthy has become a challenge. Throughout our time together, I will share a lot of tips and tricks to eat healthy and stay fit! The recipes that I share with you will help reduce your kitchen time. Look forward to meeting you all!

QUIZ Show - Saturday Jun 12th - 7:30 pm

Ladies & Gentlemen

Staying at home alive and kicking? Time for us to warm up your hearts and make you vibrant and active! As part of the great initiative by Handi-care Intl, Jeem Boom Bha is all set to bring you a Jeopardy Quiz show as our next presentation! Rest assured you will all enjoy this show!

This time the battleground will be filled with the three Teams - LOTUS, JASMINE and ROSE competing for supremacy to win the June title!

We will choose your team after the final Registration is done. To avoid disappointment register well in advance!! The team strength will be balanced by the Host! Like true Jeopardy, the quiz will have 5 categories with 5 questions in each! Be warned.. be prepared, the Quiz will be truly squeezing the best of the best brains!! The Team scores will be visible at all times! The winning team will have a rare privilege of celebrating their win in an unique way! Wait and see!!

The event's zoom link will be sent by Handi-Care Intl. to all those registered with HCI. Check Jeem Boom Bha broadcast message if you are part of Jeem Boom Bha!

Visit www.handicareintl.org to register for more such events!
Or whats app to # 647 853 4419
If you have any questions, please mail to communication@handicareintl.org

QUIZ Show - Saturday Jun 12 - 7:30 pm
Here are the Game Flow details: TEAMS - WHERE WILL YOU BE?

1. We will assign you to one of the 3 teams. 1.LOTUS 2.JASMINE 3.ROSE

2. If you missed to register, no worries; join the show on time, you will be assigned to a Team

3. Late comers till 5 minutes before the first question starts will be assigned to the team. Beyond that the later entrant will remain in main room watching how the 3 teams compete!

4. Each Team will move into their assigned Break-out Room with their Team Ambassadors, nominated by the Host to communicate in one voice for the team!

5. A JBB Ambassador will be in the each Team Room with the Team.


1. Lotus, Jasmine and Rose in respective order will have the option to choose the Category and Quiz.

2. The Quiz Master (QM) will open the chosen question to all teams for 45 seconds.

3. The participants will then be transferred by the Host into their respective assigned break-out room. In the assigned room the right answer will decided by the Team members and a final answer will be communicated to the JBB Ambassador in 30 seconds.

4. After 30 seconds the teams will be automatically transferred to the Open Room

5. In the Open room, the respective Team Ambassador will disclose the answer for the Quiz.

6. This process will be repeated for all Quiz in all Categories for all Teams.


1. The assigned score for the responded question will be added to the Team score for every right response. The wrong responses have negative scores.

2. In case of a wrong response, the question passes on to the next Team in line. The next team gets the option of disclosing their committed answer or skip responding.

3. The scoring process in 1 above continues.

4. The Team with top total score will be the Winners


1. Be punctual to participate

2. Be organized to choose the Category and Quiz

3. Use the short discussion time available effectively

4. Share precisely your answer with your Team Ambassador

5. Enjoy the show cheering the competitors.


Zumba Gold - a series of weekly Zumba fitness
starting on June 5th, 9 - 10 AM

Zumba is an energetic dance workout. Zumba gold focuses on increasing mobility, flexibility and movement. Participants will enjoy vibrant music with accessible exercise to get the heart rate pumping!

Zumba is good for participants of all ages and mobility ranges. The instructor will provide variations to ensure mobility ranges are taken into account.

Please come in comfortable clothing, with running shoes or socks with grips. Ensure you have enough space to move around. And most importantly, a great attitude!

Sindhu has been teaching Zumba professionally for over 5 years to students of various ages. She enjoys dance and creating opportunities to move your body.

We look forward to grooving with you!