E - Newsletter 35: March 7, 2005



For the victims of Tsunami.


Join us on SUNDAY, APRIL 24th, 2005 at

5:00 PM 



2 St Andrew's Blvd at Islington, TO, M9R 1V8.  Parking on St George.

From 401, exit Islington, pass 2 traffic lights, turn right on St. George and park in the parking lot.     


a full length Tamil Play by Agraharam Productions!

Chief sponsor: MACA

(Madras Arts and Cultural

 Association, Toronto)

Dr. Raghu Raman is a well known playwright, producer and director of Agraharam Productions (AP). He has staged several performances, that were extremely well received by the public. Having staged his plays in various cities, Dr Rahgu Raman has earned both himself and his team an unparalleled reputation within the community.

 The team of AP are well known members of the Toronto community and have several years of acting experience. The team has endearingly volunteered to stage the new play, donating the entire proceeds to Adopt A Village project.

 Tickets: $200, $100, $50, $25

Attractive Sponsorships are available with complementary tickets to the program and Tax receipts for full amt

Type of Sponsorship   Gift/Incentive

q       Adopt a house - $3300 - Up to 4 Exclusive seats - $200 tickets

q       1 phase of a house- $1650  - Up to 2 Exclusive seats - $200 tickets

q       Platinum Sponsor -$1000 - Up to 4 $100 tkts

q       Gold Sponsor - $500 - Up to 4 $50 tkts

q       Silver Sponsor - $250 -Up to 4 $25 tkts

q       Copper Sponsor -$150 -Up to 2 $25 tkts

Sponsors of Adopt a house or 1 phase of a house will have their names inscribed on the walls of the houses!

Call today:

    HCI:    416 913 6555


416 497 0946

905 415 0065

905 887 4574

905 820 5327


Though millions of dollars have been collected by major orgs across Canada, to help Tsunami victims, only a fraction has gone to India.


Aid wasted, report says, Only 20 per cent of tsunami relief getting to those in need:   read Toronto Star article.


Donors do not have access to info as to how the donations were handled, where and when.

What is HCI’s commitment?

How an organization responds to a crisis truly shows how committed it is to charitable causes. Although HCI’s main focus is on disability issues, the directors of HCI sprung in to action as soon as they became aware of the Tsunami disaster.

HCI has taken the onus upon itself to have tangible evidence of its commitment. The obligation will extend further over the next few years to ensure the comfortable settlement of the survivors.  Donors will be able to visit and see the results of their kindness. 

HCI is responding to the call for help to rebuild, 80 houses in Cuddalore Dist., Tamil Nadu, India

Name of Village: Pillumedu


  • Construction of 80 disaster resistant homes with sturdy roofs.

  • Construction of roads with storm water drains, rain water harvesting facilities, drinking water supplies, solid waste disposal pits, sanitary complex, community center and street lighting.

  • Land for relocation will be provided free of cost by the Govt.

  • HCI will undertake this endeavor enlisting the help of a partner NGO (Non governmental org) in India.

This village, an island off Cuddalore, accessible only be boat, is totally wiped out by the disaster on Dec. 26, 2004. 183 houses were destroyed rendering the occupants homeless. 65 deaths have occurred and 45 persons are injured. An alarming number of children are orphaned and injured.  

HCI has chosen this village based on the fact that it is one of the many villages that needs to be reconstructed immediately and is of a manageable size. We are confident in the generosity of our community to rise to the occasion and succeed in this feat.


1.      Adopt a house for $3300.

2.      Since this is a 2 phase project, adopt one phase for $1650.

3.      Gather a group of friends and Adopt a house.

4.      Pledge any amount and 100% will go towards our “Adopt a Village” project.

5.      Tax receipts will be issued for all donations, making it easier for you to adopt individual houses.

6.      Names of individual donor’s or groups, adding to a full house will be inscribed on the house and donors are encouraged to visit the village any time.