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E - Newsletter 31: October 5, 2004



 on October 2, 2004


Please see the highlights below:



HCI managed to raise in the range of $50, 000 (tentative figure).  This will support all the projects currently funded by HCI.  As you may be aware, projects are funded on an annual basis, other than the ones on endowment schemes.


Thanks to one and all…. we will be able to continue on into next year.  Special thanks to all the Volunteers, members and board of directors as without you this feat would not have been possible.


The website will be updated with photos and news in due course.  So please visit us at www.handicarintl.org periodically.



·                            The whole event went with ease and packed with activities.  It started off with an invocation by Ruheksh Raj, followed by the Canadian National Anthem and Vaishnav Janato – a favourite of Mahatma Gandhi. Thank you to Ruheksh…


·       Our chief guest and an avid orator, Dr. Bhatnagar, Chief of Cardiology at Trillium, elucidated the teachings of Mahatma Ghandi.


·       We were fortunate to have Lalita Krishna as the MC for the evening.  She did a fabulous job. Thank you to Lalita…


·       The Youth participation for the whole evening was significant and much appreciated.  Thanks to Vani and Suneil Sastri for the assistance with audio visual for the whole evening. Thanks to all other youth participants…Siddarth Shankaran and Mr. P. Shankaran took complete charge of the audio system which was well received.


·       The audio visual presentation was put together by Azad Mashari – a medical student and one of the 5 volunteers who went to India during the summer.  He managed to create a very effective presentation of 20 minutes from about 20 hours of taping he brought back from India.  Kavitha Kalyan’s beautiful narration made it a very effective presentation. Thank you both…


·       The highlight of the evening was the special dance “Desert Blossom”, created, choreographed and presented by Kavitha Kalyan and Nisha Thampi.  Deepa Shankaran who helped them with the whole production could not participate in it since she had to be out of town.  The young ladies enacted the true story of the disabled boy, Mohammed Ali, who comes from a very poor rural family and went through the rehab program at ASSA, and now is an avid artist.  The audience were in tears as Ali's story unfolded in front of their eyes....Way to go Nisha & Kavitha… Thanks a lot!!


·       His paintings were displayed and auctioned off for a total of $620, which will go towards hid further education in the Arts College. A lot of work has gone in before the paintings came alive on display… Gita Sankaran, Aarti Sankaran and Mr. Sankaran had invested hours of work, hand making the mats and framing the paintings.


·       Madhu Baskaran – An youth composer of modern times produced an album dedicated to Handi-Care Intl. highlighting the stories of some of the disabled children.  13 of his “ma-du” CD’s were sold and more are available for anyone who is interested. Thanks to Madhu Baskaran…


·       The Music Troupe did an excellent job of rendering old and new Indian film songs which was received extremely well by the audience. Thanks to Ashwin Iyer, Rohin Iyer, Subha Krishnan, Lakshmi Vijay and Siddarth Venkataraman..


·       Another hit of the evening was the Salsa dance by Akila Venkat (one of the 5 volunteers who went to India) and her friends – Davin Li & Renee Pelletier…  Thank you to all three..


·       At the silent auction table, ladies grabbed saris, jewelry and gift baskets in time for the Diwali celebrations. Thanks to all the ladies who led and effectively completed the silent auction. Special thanks to Meena Suppiah and Gita Sankaran.


·       The raffle tickets were sold by our younger youth which raised $667. 00. This agenda was successfully carried out under the supervision and guidance of  Raj & Vasantha Valliappan and ably assisted by Arun Valliappan.


·     The banquet hall itself gave the right festive ambience with their artistic decorations and space. Thanks to Bombay Palace.