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E - Newsletter 34: February 1, 2005





After Tsunami Reconstruction And Re-Settlement

THANK YOU for your donations for the initial Tsunami Relief Projects.


We have the released the initial Tsunami relief funds to LEAD, MNVP  of Tamil Nadu, and IDRA, India.


We invite you to

“Adopt A Home”

This proposal is unique and has direct and tangible benefits. You can “Adopt” as little as 1 house to as many as you wish. Each house under this adoption scheme will show the name of the donor inscribed on the front wall. Donors are encouraged to visit the homes and interact with resettled families. 100% of all donations made to this particular “Adopt A Home” scheme, will we spent on the project.




The cost is $3300 (Cdn) per house.

$3300 will build a house with all necessary infrastructure like drinking water, electricity and road access. Each household will be resettled and specialized counseling will be offered to the mentally distraught members.

Additional funds will be required to sponsor the orphaned children to integrate them with relatives / other families in the same community.



HCI is Adopting a Village Rehabilitation Project –Adopt A Home


HCI has risen to the call for help to resettle Tsunami victims in coastal Tamil Nadu. HCI has defined plans to “Adopt A Village” to carryout the resettlement process. The chosen village is:  PILLUMEDU in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.


This village is totally wiped out by the disaster on Dec. 26, 2004. 183 houses were destroyed rendering the occupants homeless.


65 deaths have occurred and 45 persons are injured. An alarming number of children are orphaned and injured.

There is a dire urgency to build 80 houses to resettle the survivors in this village.

Handi-Care Intl. has chosen this village based on the size of reconstruction and the extent of devastation that justifies immediate action to resettle the families. The orphaned children will be placed within the community and given support through sponsorship schemes.

For further details of this project, visit our website



1.      Adopt a house for $3300.

2.      Since this is a 2 phase project, adopt one phase for $1650.

3.      Gather a group of friends and Adopt a house.

4.      Pledge any amount and 100% will go towards our “Adopt a Village” project.

5.      Tax receipts will be issued for all donations, making it easier for you to adopt individual houses.

6.      If you wish your name will be inscribed on the house and you can visit the village any time.


Our experience shows people with disabilities suffer worst in times of disaster ….and after



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  • Tamil play by Agraharam Productions – produced  Dr.Raghuraman; Tentative date: April 16, 2005