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E - Newsletter 28: June 2004


October 2, 2004





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The workshop on disability was held on Saturday June 5, 2004. There were about 35 people including panelists who articulated the challenges that the disabled face right here in the GTA. It dispelled the myth that a rich country like Canada and a big well connected city like Toronto would offer unlimited services and take a lion’s share for the care of these individuals.


The reality is far from it. Granted that there is greater respect and empathy for people with disabilities, the standard of care received is far from adequate measured in terms of quality of life. Physical and psychological abuses are prevalent here in homecare situations. Transportation is also a major issue as there are not enough Wheel Trans shuttles that can meet the need. Cut back from Govt. funding is hurting those in need.


Young disabled south Asians face a stark discrimination from prospective employers. The story of a bright young panelist in his wheelchair was steeped in remorse as he narrated how the job that was almost offered to him over the phone, was snatched away when the employers met him in person.


Parents of children with disabilities face an enormous amount of stress due to lack of availability of paid and volunteer help. They are in need of emotional support as well as financial.


The situation with the disabled elderly living with their children is more dismal as the care giving children themselves are aging. These people long for companionship and quality care. Language barriers pose a major hurdle.


Effective immediately, HCI has a new domain. It is www.handicareintl.org . Please bookmark it and visit us as often as possible.

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Featured children:

We are proud to present these 10th standard graduates, graduating with flying colors at Amar Seva Sangam. They have been under HCI’s Adopt A Child sponsorship. Heartfelt thanks and congrats to the proud sponsors:

1.      Sangeetha has scored 463/500. Thanks to Thenal & Raghupathy.

2.      G.Prabhakar – 452/500. Thanks to Suman & Ramani Ramakrishnan.

3.      M. Jegan – 300/500. Thanks to the Panchapakesan family.


Child of the month

M.Jegan differs from other disabled children in the fact that his upper limbs and torso are severely affected polio – an unusual situation. When he joined Amar Seva Sangam at a tender age of 5, polio had crippled him to a hopeless stage. Though his legs were not affected, he could not walk since he had scoliosis of the spine (bending and compression of the vertebrae) which had put pressure on his hips and legs making him unable to stand on his legs. He was unable to feed, wash and take care of himself due to the weakened arms and sagging muscles.

Left untreated, he would be crippled in a wheel chair by the age 8 or 10.


10 years later, he has successfully completed Grade 10 moving on to 11th grade. He can walk, run and bike as shown by the several awards to his credit.


All this has been possible by the generosity of the Panchapakesan family of Mississauga, Canada – Vivek & Anu Panchapakesan decided to sponsor Jegan for their Christmas present in 1995. They were in their early teens then!!


The rehab team of ASSA has to be commended for their dedicated service in making this dream come true.


How can HCI help?


The facilitators, identified 3 areas where HCI could expand its horizon:

·          Education – included in this would be educating the public to bring awareness on issues pertaining to the Abilities & limitations of the disabled.

·          Employment – Find ways to assist the disabled to gain employment.

·          Home Care: Paid and honorary volunteers to be trained in the field of home care for the elderly and children.


WE NEED YOUR HELP & INPUT to formulate & implement any program !!

Contact us by emailing to voice your opinion, suggestions & offers !!



HCI takes this opportunity to thank all who donated in kind and funds towards the purchase of educational and interactive items by the volunteers. These items included specialized educational books and material for the spastic children, puzzles, lego blocks, calligraphy gadgets, origami, ESL books, tennis and table tennis accessories that can be used by the disabled etc. to name a few.


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