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Newsletter-109 - December 05, 2015

Handi-Care Intl. will participate in

Relief and rescue efforts are being handled all across Chennai, with the emergency measures under taken by Indian Army, Police, Govt. and Non Govt. agencies, Individuals and groups of volunteers. There seems to be good supply of food and reasonably good shelter facilities and good evacucation process. However, there is a greater need in the future to bring life back to near normal.

Here is a heart breaking story of a young disabled professional woman, who uses a wheel chair to get around. She and her aged mother live on the ground floor level of a 3 storied flats in a central area of Chennai. Her aged aunt and her grand child were visiting them from out of town. As the water level raised rapidly on Dec. 1, 2015, the family moved up to the 3rd level and took shelter with the tenants on the 3rd floor. With great dismay, they watched all their belongings - cloths, food supply, kitchen -bathroom items, TV, computer, phones, books, documents - go under water as the water level raised over 5 to 6 ft. Finally 2 days later, they were rescued by Amar Seva Sangam's volunteers who were themselves stranded in Chennai.

There are close to a million families in Chennai, who have lost all their possessions - school children losing their books, computers, uniforms - elderly losing their clothing, medicines - babies deprived of many amenities and so on...

This is where we want to do something to restore their lives back to somewhat normal. Handi-Care is making connections with NGOs who are known to us, with whom we have worked in the past and who will offer the best services.

Our goal is to purchase and distribute the following items to people who have lost everything.

  1. Clothing - school uniforms, Saris, under garments, sanitary supplies, pants, shirts etc...
  2. School supplies- Laptops, books, stationary
  3. Help with vehicle repairs that are drowned in water
  4. Repair / replace wheelchairs that are damaged by floods
  5. Help with house repairs to make it livable again.
  6. Other essential items

If you want to participate in the rebuilding process, please donate to Handi-Care Intl. and 100% of your donations will go towards this process. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 and more.

Your donation options:

1. Donation by mail
2. E-Transfer (Email Transfer) : 

Our preferred method is an email transfer to handicare@rogers.com from your online banking, set a security password - "relief".

You must provide us your Full name (to whom the receipt is to be issued), Address and E-mail ID, so that we can issue the receipt. Please e-mail us this along with your password.

3. Paypal : Please note that Paypal charges 2%, which will be deducted from your donation. Click here

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