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Newsletter- 111 - Jan. 25, 2016

I am at Amar Seva Sangam, India and had the pleasure of participating and witnessing the amazing events that are happening here.... The old "Disabled Youth Trainees" , most of whom we had sponsored in the past several years had a get together during Jan 15- 18, 2016 and the 3 days were filled with activities such as sports, singing and talent competitions along side Pongal festivities..... Our Canadian Occupational Therapy volunteers joined the fun and made rangolis with ASSA students.... See below and enjoy the slide shows...

In the mean time, I have other amazing stories to share......

Amazing Indians....

Times of India TV has featured many inspiring stories of Amazing Indians... and Handi-Care is delighted to announce that the makers and sustainers of Amar Seva Sangam has won the award ...Jan 14, 2016.


Jindal Award....

Mr. Sankara Raman of Amar Seva Sangam, who is the brain and pillar of this organization was recognized and honoured with "Jindal Award received" in New Delhi... on Jan 14th, 2016


13th year of successful participation in Mumbai Marathon....by wheelchair participants from Amar Seva Sangam...

They ran for a cause and Handi-Care was one among many, who supported and encouraged them to run the 10 km run. The money they raise will sustain and develop projects many of which are HCI's initiatives, such as Early Intervention, School for special needs children, Rehab of spinal cord injured, Higher education / Vocational training for the disabled youth, Integration and volunteer development activities, to name a few.. Please join us in giving them a big hand...

Pongal Festival - 2016

Old Disabled Youth Trainees (DYTS) Singing Competition and Prize distribution

Old Disabled Youth Trainees (DYTS) Sports - 2016


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