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Newsletter-123 - January 14, 2017


Handi-Care Intl. wishes you all a very happy Pongal / Lohri / Shankaranthi ...

Sulo Krishnamurthy is currently visiting Amar Seva Sangam along with volunteer Physio and Occupational therapy students from McGill Uni., and a vol. professional OT from Toronto while enjoying Pongal celebrations at the Spinal Injury Centre...Click for more photos

Other events: World Disabled Day was celebrated on Jan 10th by Amar Seva Sangam in a nearby town - Rajapalayam. It elicited a large forum for creating awareness about various disabilities and the main focus was on rehabilitation, community involvement and Government support. HCI President, Sulo Krishnamurthy focused on HCI's contribution over the past 25 years and highlighted the magnificent support offered by Government of Canada to the extent of Cdn $ 600,000 over the next 3 years. She made a point for the various Governments in India to come up with similar support for the recently selected Early Intervention project, which will serve over 700 children in the rural area with developmental challenges. It is important to note that Mr. La. Ganesan, an MP from the Central BJP Govt., was present at the function along with several other MLAs and other dignitaries. Mr. Ganesan has promised to take ASSA's request to parliament.




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