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Newsletter-124 - February 13, 2017

Handi-Care Intl. honored for 25 years of service !!!

Handi-Care Intl. received a felicitation and a memento presented to President Mrs. Sulo Krishnamurthy and Vice-President Mrs. Meena Suppiah at Amar Seva Sangam's Annual Day celebrations on Feb 10, 2017. The award was presented by Mr. V.K Jeyakodi IAS .... Click here for photos...

Dr. T. N Krishnamurthy Memorial Block

Dr. T.N Krishnamurthy was fondly remembered and honored by Amar Seva Sangam, for his invaluable contributions, on Feb 10, 2017. The Centre For Special Education, built by HCI in 2008 was named as "Dr. T.N Krishnamurthy Memorial Block" .... Click here for photos....

ASSA campus and facilities are now lit by
HCI's generous donor

Thanks to HCI board member, Mrs. Gita Sankaran's generous contribution, Amar Seva Sangam is saving significantly in electricity charges, as every single light bulb is changed to LED bulb. ASSA inaugurated the LED lights on Feb. 3, 2017 .... Click here for photos.... ASSA also has installed solar panels which supplies hotwater in 5 of its centres.

New Tailoring unit at ASSA now employs 50 differently abled

Thanks to another magnanimous donor from HCI, Toronto (who wants to remain anonymous) and to Mrs. Vijayalakshmi (sister of another HCI board member - Srini Srinivasan) along with donors from Hong kong and India, Amar Seva Sangam is enjoying a significant expansion of its Vocational Training Centre. A new tailoring centre is constructed and equipped with accessible imported sewing machines. A large hosiery company has placed orders to make garments in this centre which now employs around 50 persons with disabilities who are trained by ASSA for this job. This centre also gives employment to local women from the rural villages.

Canadian volunteers at Amar Seva Sangam

Now there are 9 volunteers at ASSA - 3 OT/PT grad students from Mc Gill, 5 OT/PT grad students from UBC and a professional OT supervisor from Toronto. They are working diligently in various areas of rehab, including village based programs. They still manage to fine time for weekend side trips and having fun in the campus. Needless to say, they were so fascinated by the visiting elephant at ASSA campus. Click here for photos...


3 senior professors from Mc Gill Uni., Canada are now visiting Amar Seva Sangam. Dr. Caroline Storr is HCI's first contact about 8 years ago and with her unflinching support, we continue to make remarkable progress with PT/OT students' placements

Saving brains project by GCC Canada:

Early Intervention for 456 young children with disabilities with support from Grand Challenges Canada is a huge breakthrough for this rural part of India. Initiated by HCI's director, Dr. Dinesh Krishna, this project is a model project that will be taught and followed by various Governmental and Nongovernmental organization throughout India.



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