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Newsletter-136 - Nov 27, 2017



At this juncture we want to thank all of you for your continued support to Handi-Care Intl. This has been another significant year with important developments in the Early Intervention project at Amar Seva Sangam, and our celebration of ONT150, which was a grang success.

2018 is fast approaching and 2017 is coming to an end. This is the time to consider your donation for 2017 to maximize on your tax benefits. Every dollar you contribute will be matched equally by the Canadian Govt., up to $600,000 and the entire $1.2 Million, will be utilized for the Early Intervention project, for the period April 2017 to March 2020. The details are given below.

You will be helping the poor rural children and their parents immensely by your gift.

We raised over $150,000 in 2016 from our major fundraising dinner on Nov.12 , 2016 and from Walkathon held in June 2016. We disbursed $154,000 in Dec. 2016, which was matched by GRAND CHALLENGES CANADA and this year we have raised over $100,000 from donors who have renewed their sponsorships.We thankyou for your support and generosity over the year and await your contributions during this festive season of giving, so we can disburse another $200,000 to be matched by GCC.

Please visit our website and click on "Donate Now" button and follow instructions (we preferred E-transfer from you to info@handicareintl.org).We immensely thank those of you who have already contributed / renewed your sponsorship this year.

"Early Intervention for childhood disabilities". The target is to offer EI therapy (Physio, Occupational, Speech, Special ed., life skills), assessments and follow ups for 700 children with delayed development and conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, from 800 rural villages around Amar Seva Sangam, India. 

This project is being funded by Govt. of Canada on a matching basis. The uniqueness of this initiative is that it has also become a premier research project in this area with the cooperation and involvement of researchers from University of Toronto, McGill University in collaboration with Indian Universities. The results of the research will be published in major international journals. All your donation will go towards this project along with matching funds. 

Email : info@handicareintl.org

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