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Newsletter-158 - Dec. 24, 2019

Merry Christmas and New Year Greeting to everyone!!

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020!!!

Christmas / New Year Campaign

On this special occassion, give a gift of new hope and joy to a small child with disability and his/her parents.

Thank you all for your unflinching support, that is taking HCI to great heights !!! HCI has had a very eventful 2019 so far. Our flagship project - "EARLY INTERVENTION FOR CHILDHOOD DISABILITES" is extremely successful and has won awards from 4 continents around the globe, United Nations, Australia, Europe and N.America. It is poised for a scale up through out Tamil Nadu that can offer services to 80,000 children from poor rural areas. Please watch the video that will explain this further

What is special about this project: Handi-Care Intl. was instrumental in winning a grant of $600,000 CDN, from Grand Challenges Canada (GCC), to develop and run on a very advanced platform "mVBRI" which is software driven and the first to be developed on a global platform. This grant is for 3 years from 2016. This is exclusively on a matching basis. Handi-Care Intl. is the matching partner. Every dollar donated to HCI will be matched equally by GCC. This will enable your donation to be doubled, while providing you with a tax receipt. As of Dec 2018, HCI has raised and disbursed $400,000. We need to raise another $200,000 by the end of 2019, so we can maximize the benefits offered by GCC.

We have a short fall of $60,000, to reach our target, which we hope to raise by the end of 2019, with your generousity and kindness.

We have 1050 children under age 6 in the program. 254 children are currently sponsored by us. The project is barely sustained by other donors in India and abroad.

Adopt  a child  in Early Intervention - Option 1: An endowment of $2000 (Interest utilized), will provide complete EI services (comprehensive therapy, equipment and home follow up) to a child.

Option 2 : $400 per year per child

Option 3 : Any Amount, that will be pooled towards the matching grant.

Please take advantage of the tax credits for 2019, by donating before Dec 31st.

Please donate thru e-transfer or Credit card, so we receive the funds before the end of the year.

Zero Project Congratulations

Amar Seva Sangam / Handi-Care Intl. has won an award from Zero Project and will be presenting our EI project - mVBR-EI- patented app at their international conference in Vienna, Austria, in Feb 2020. This will open doors to take our EI project globally, including the European countries. More details....



Amar Seva Sangam with the collaboration of GCC and Handi-Care Intl., is organizing this conference in Chennai - Dates: Feb. 14-15, 2020. Delegates from around the world will speak on various topics pertaining to this subject. The goal is to create awareness to the pubcic, enable other NGO's from India and abroad to gain knowledge about this application and the implementation of it. This will create a platform to scale-up this endeavor through other parts of Tamil Nadu, India and abroad. Please visit the link above and get further details on this. We invite you to attend this very special event by registering below ...

*** Wish you happy New Year 2020 ***



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