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NL-164 - Diwali Greetings - Nov 11, 2020


Assistive Devices / Equipment for the Differently Abled

An Urgent Need

Dear Sulo Krishnamurthy,

Our board members at HCI, join me in wishing you and family a beautiful Deepavali and celebration of the "Festival of Lights". At this juncture, I would avail the opportunity to thank you personally and on behalf of HCI board, for your unflinching support of HCI, that has made a huge differences individually and community wide in the lives of rural poor families and their children with special needs. This year we will be celebrating a very different Diwali, by staying at home and connecting with family on the zoom or so.

Until Nov 1, 2020, our flagship program "Early Intervention" is being implemented successfully by teletherapy, video therapy and so on. We have now started home therapy visits, following guidelines for safety.

Currently there are 1200 children in the EI program, many of whom are sponsored by our donors. Their families have been facing a lot of hardships due to job losses. At this juncture any help from you to cheer them up during this festive season would be greatly appreciated. For just $50 per child, we can buy a new set of clothing for the child, a box of fire works and a box of sweets for the family. Please click here the you can donate towards the "Diwali Gift" program and or for the Assistive devices.

Many of our donors have been supporting the Assistive Equipment Drive campaign, we started in September and this is enabling HCI to custom measure and make these equipment and the process is still in progress.

There are 1200 children below age 6, and 750 aged 6 to 17 with various disabilities who are supported by Handi-Care Intl. through your sponsorships. Close to 300 of them need essential mobility devices and equipment which they cannot afford. This includes hearing aids, walkers, wheelchairs, supportive chairs, orthotics, magnifiers, standing boards and other assistive technology. please click here for complete details.

We request your support for this much needed program. The list of beneficiaries and their requirements are listed by name. Please select a child and click the "Donate Now" button, personalized for each child or choose "General Donation". Current Target : $ 56,500

This is the time to think about "Donating securities" - both Canadian and US shares qualify - to Handi-Care Intl., which has a huge advantage over cash donations. You can donate a certain number of shares that has a significant Capital Gains and donate those shares to HCI. You can also donate Mutual funds. You will receive a tax receipt for the market value of those shares on the date of transfer and you DONT HAVE TO PAY CAPITAL GAINS TAXES. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this program and I will give you further details.

We would much appreciate if you forward this Newsletter to your friends and contacts and request them to participate in our drive. All donations of $20 and more are tax deductible. Thanking you,


With warm regards and please stay safe,
Mrs. Sulo Krishnamurthy
President, Handi-Care Intl.


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