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E - Newsletter 23: October 2003


Thank you all very much for the positive responses to our September 2003 issue (Newsletter 22). It is everyone’s support that helps us to aim high and reach our goals. Your suggestions and recommendations are always welcome at Handi-Care International at hci@rogers.com.





The India Health Initiative grew out of our youths’ trip to Amar Seva Sangam this past summer. Dinesh, a medical student at the University of Western Ontario began by advertising for prospective volunteers interested in similar projects.  Three UWO medical students have already been selected to visit India next summer.


IHI is in its beginning phases, and in the long term, aims to be a program whereby volunteers from Canada travel to India to assist with the activities of organizations such as Amar Seva Sangam; Teddy Trust (an AIDS/HIV clinic in Madurai) and the Sundaram Medical Clinic (a rural clinic serving the needy just outside of Chennai).


For the moment, IHI aims simply to act as an education tool for Canadian students to learn about the health and cultural conditions of rural India, while providing services and hope to the clinics and its patients.  IHI is planning on receiving sponsorship and support from the University of Western Ontario’s Student’s Council as well as fundraising and building awareness throughout the campus. For more information please contact Dinesh at dkrishna@uwo.ca or Rajan at rajansuppiah@hotmail.com.







Once again, Handi-Care Intl. would like to thank everyone who donated clothing and other items last year. This year, however, we request different items for donations such as:

- Toys and games

- Educational books (targeted for mentally retarded children)

- Children’s outfits

Also any computer accessories would be greatly appreciated:

- Floppy disks

- Writable CD’s

- Mice

- Any other accessories -small in size


Please contact us at hci@rogers.com if you have any items for donations, or call us at 416-913 6555 and we can arrange for a pickup or drop-off.  We would like to have all the donations in by November 30, 2003. Thank you for your support.





Correction to last month’s newsletter: we have mailed out (or hand-delivered) the receipts for all donations made UP TO August 2003. If you have not received your copy, please let us know at

hci@rogers.com. Thank you.






If you have any questions or concerns regarding Handi-Care International, its donor organizations, donation schemes or events; as well as any suggestions or ideas, please email them to hci@rogers.com.