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E - Newsletter 26: May,2004





Five students are leaving for India to offer voluntary services to the following organizations, recognized and supported by HCI.

All their travel and other expenses are borne by themselves.

The project work they will get involved with are chosen and endorsed by HCI.


The volunteers are:

  1. Akila Venkatesh- Holds a masters degree in Psychology ,works for IBM currently .Offers a lot of her time to charitable causes. Her credentials are too many to cover here.


  1. Azad Mashari – Currently 1st year Medical Student at University of Western Ontario. His thesis was in developmental psychology, studying the development of problem solving skills and memory in preschoolers. He has been involved on research projects in international health, and public policy in the areas of health and education.


  1. Dinesh Krishna – Currently 2nd year Medical Student at University of Western Ontario. Has an undergraduate degree in Biology and minor in Sociology at Niagara University. Has done a research project by examining the condition of disabled children in rural communities and the impact and effectiveness of rehabilitation. He has also done reproductive health education at local high schools in London, Canada. His medical education has provided him with some background of healthy prenatal and child nutrition and preventive health practices.


  1. Lisa Mu – Currently 1st year Medical Student at University of Western Ontario. She is an undergraduate in Arts and Science and Environmental Science at McMaster University. Has some experience working with underprivileged children in the areas of nutrition and personal health.  She has researched on the effects of the environment upon the children’s health. She has designed and implemented the interview tool that was used in the research, and analyzed results.


  1. Rajan Suppiah- Currently working at IBM Canada and as a volunteer in a Rehabilitation clinic. A science graduate from Western Ontario and a founding member of IHI (India Health Initiative) at Western Ontario.


Items needed by the volunteers to take to India for the benefit of the disabled children

  1. Beach balls
  2. Lego blocks
  3. Frisbee
  4. Vulcro catch
  5. Play Dough
  6. Coloring books
  7. Crayons
  8. Tennis balls
  9. Badminton rackets and birdies
  10. Table Tennis rackets
  11. Small Tennis rackets


HCI welcomes donations of any of the above items – new or used. HCI also welcomes cash donations for these items.


If you are interested in making donations for the above items please  e mail hci@rogers.com



Service offered by the volunteers:


I.       Management Consulting

II.   Staff Training in:  Physiotherapy

       Occupational Therapy

      Speech Therapy



III . Program implementation for the children


















Places in India where the volunteers will offer their services


  1. Nalamdana – at  Chennai


Nalamdana, meaning "Are you well?"  in Tamil, is an organization based in Chennai, 
South India. It uses innovative communication methods to provide knowledge about 
health to illiterate audiences. Response-driven participatory street theatre, interactive 
games and puzzles, audio and video cassettes, tele-films, small group workshops, 
television serials - Nalamdana explores the full range of communicative possibilities 
to reach out to people.

2.       TEDDY TRUST at Madurai - www.teddytrust.com

Undertakes AIDS awareness program and AIDS education



  1. Amar Seva Sangam – At Ayikudy, Tamil Nadu



A place “for the disabled by the disabled.” Offers:

Home for the Disabled Children

  Rehabilitation Centre

  Program for Community Based      

 Vocational training Centers

   Caliper Making Unit.

  Hostel for youth in training

   IGNOU Special Study Centre

Nursery School and high school

Spastic centre for mentally retarded

Prevention ,early detection program for disability

Public library