1. Funding will be need based on medical grounds. Supporting documents from doctors and hospital performing surgery.
  2. Case presentation to the HCI board with photos and information about the child and surgery.
  3. Each applicant is asked to write a letter of request along with requirements under #1 and #2.
  4. Each applicant should submit a budget with breakdown of expenses.
  5. The parents / family members of the child will basically run the fundraising campaigns. HCI will receive funds and issue tax receipts to donors for any donation of $20 or more.
  6. HCI will cap the donation receipt by a parent at $10,000 per year (A couple would be eligible for $20,000 per year).
  7. There are no limits to corporate donations.
  8. HCI will retain 3% of such donations to cover admin costs and the balance will be spent on the treatment of selected children.
  9. HCI will wire transfer the funds directly to the hospital, upon mutual agreement with the hospital.
  10. The hospital will provide bank and account information for each child selected for surgery to facilitate money transfer.
  11. HCI will need confirmation from the hospital that funds have been received.
  12. Confirmation and further recommendation for therapy for the child by the doctor will be provided to HCI by the parents.
  13. Any left over funds can be utilized for post surgery therapy. HCI will be invoiced directly by the service provider.
  14. Parents agree to periodically send in videos of the child to be used by HCI for information and promotional purposes.

Action undertaken by HCI:

  1. Funds will be disbursed directly to the hospital and not to individuals.
  2. Issue tax receipts by email for donations of $20 and more. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive tax receipt. If the donor needs to know if the money has been received by us, he/she can contact us directly by email.
  3. Corporate donations can be invoiced / receipted by HCI.
  4. Funds raised for SDR will be kept in a separate “SDR project” fund for each child.