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Under this program, we invite you to sponsor children with various disabilities between the ages of 6 and 18. This is one of our oldest programs which started in year 1992 and children who were sponsored then at around age 5, are now leading a very successful lives. All are gainfully employed, most are married and raising families.

Handi-Care Intl. is proud to announce that under the “Adopt A Child” program, Handi-Care has sponsored almost 250 disabled children at Amar Seva Sangam, 45 poor children at Maithri Educational & Charitable Trust, and 5 severely mentally challenged at Nesam.

How to sponsor a child under this plan?

There are 2 ways you can do this:

  • By an YEARLY sponsorship with $400 Cdn / US$ – You are requested to renew this every year, so the child under your sponsorship can be educated and rehabilitated without interruption.
  • By an 7 Years GRANT of of $2,500 – 3 (7 Years GRANTs) are needed per child… There are options available for payment.. See “Payment Plan” at the end

We require 3 (7 Years GRANTs) of $2,500 for each disabled or developmentally challenged child. The interest earned from each segment is applied to 3 categories viz;

  1. Food and Clothing expenses (Amudasurabhi);
  2. Education and Recreational expenses (Srividhya);
  3. Medical and Rehabilitation expenses (Dhanvanthri).

The 7 Years GRANT sponsorships are permanent.  The money will be kept in a fixed deposit .  The interest will be used to take care of the food, clothing, education, medical and rehabilitation expenses of one child, until the child completes high school and progresses to college or vocational training.

The sponsorship will then be transferred to another child. The 7 Years GRANT fund created in your name will remain for ever to brighten the lives of many needy children. However, certain children with mental challenges, may never reach the stage to receive professional training and hence may need to be supported for life.

Sponsorship through the AAC Scheme is done mainly at Amar Seva Sangam, Children at Amar Seva Sangam are separated into three major categories: Home Care, Daycare, and VBR (Village Based Rehabilitation). Descriptions and links are given below:

  • Home Care Children are those who stay at Amar Seva Sangam campus (Home) and are provided with accommodation, food, clothing, rehabilitation, and education until they complete grade 12 or otherwise move on to higher studies or vocational training. Almost everyone in this category have predominant physical disabilities along with developmental issues. Generally, children come under home care, who are either very severely affected or their families can not offer adequate care and support in their homes, due to poverty or broken families or these children are orphaned.

  • Daycare children are those who attend the Centre for Special Education or the regular school, but live with their parents. All the schooling, rehab and medical expenses and meals for the children are covered by Amar Seva Sangam. These children are generally less physically disabled.


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