How was Handi-Care Intl. born?

Handi-Care Intl. (HCI) was born as an off-shoot of a major undertaking by 2 extraordinary young men. Both S.Ramakrishnan & Sankara Raman are confined to wheelchairs with crippling physical limitations. Their stories are given below. They stand tall as examples of self confidence, determination, dedication & unflinching commitment to their undertaking – to “Empower” the rural, poor disabled – by building an organization from its grassroots to educate, rehabilitate & give training in all aspects so as to become independent & employable. The centre they have built – AMAR SEVA SANGAM (ASSA) is an unique establishment of unparalleled capacity. It offers a comprehensive & total service package encompassing an entire array of rehab work for an entire community of about 600 villages in a rural developing area in Tamil Nadu, India. More about AMAR SEVA SANGAM can be found in their website ( To date (Jan 2010), ASSA & the architects have won over 55 coveted awards and recognitions, including President of India’s award (twice), Helen Keller award, “Super Idol” by CNN IBN, Best institution award from the state & central Governments to name a few. Click here for a short concise presentation about Amar Seva Sangam.

Handi-Care Intl. was founded as a Canadian registered charity in 1992 by Sulo Krishnamurthy, who took a keen interest in helping Amar Seva Sangam develop and to take on similar other projects for helping the poor & needy. Since then HCI has grown and expanded its wings to reach out to other organizations as well.

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