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Google Drive is Google's online file storage service, commonly referred to as the "Cloud." In short, it is a storage space available only through your Google account, and which allows you to find the files that you store there where you want them when you want them.

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The advantage of this service is that it is linked to other Google tools. Thus, you can create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly online. Your work is thus automatically synchronized on the internet, and you never lose anything.


But it is also obviously capable of storing any type of file. Note that as the owner of a Google account, you have the right to a free storage space of 15 GB. After that, a monthly subscription can allow you to expand this memory.


This is a famous question, which the masses have asked: The first answer to this question is very simple: it's free, why not take advantage of it? More seriously, Google Drive is a great way to get yourself benefited from an optimistic Cloud, which has huge benefits.

The main thing, of course, is never to lose your files. If your smartphone dies or is stolen, your important files will never be lost. There's also security: with two-step authentication for Google accounts, it's almost impossible for a stranger to steal your data.

And finally, your files are accessible everywhere. You can use Google Drive on your PC to sync your files, edit your documents directly, and find them instantly on your mobile effortlessly.


  • Go to the Google home page,, then click "Sign in" at the top right.
  • Click on Create an Account
  • By default, you are asked to choose an address; however, under the field dedicated to this address, you can click on " I prefer to use my current email address. "
  • You have to fill in all of your information like First name, Last name, Address, Country, etc.
  • Fill in the fields with your information. Note that you are not required to provide a phone number.
  • Google asks you to validate your email address. To do this, click on " validate now. "
  • You should be redirected to a new window on your email provider's page. Enter your login details, and you're done, your Google account is created.


On the Google home page, click on the little gray squares at the top right. The list of services appears. Choose "Drive."

In the left column, you can access the documents that you have created and those that are shared with you.

Google documents work much the same as Microsoft Office documents. The main difference is the automatic saving of any change made to these documents online. The interest is to share with several people; each one can modify without getting lost in the different versions produced over time.


If you have a Google account / Gmail address associated with your phone, just launch the app to access your Drive. If it is not installed by default on your phone, you can find it for free on the Play Store:

Once you installed and launched it, now you have a list of all your accessible folders and files already synchronized on your Cloud. Just tap a file to open it directly from the internet without even having to download it. You can even download it, share it with friends, in short, do whatever you want with it.

On the top, you can also find the "Quick access" section, which will list the latest documents that you have modified to access them more quickly. The menu gives you the possibility to search your files or to review the presentation of your reception.



Prices are expressed in dollars (March 27, 2014):

£ 1.99 / month: 100 GB of Google Drive storage

£ 2.99 / month: 200 GB of storage

£ 9.99 / month: 1 TB storage

Then: 10 TB for $ 99.99 / month, 20 TB for $ 199.99 / month and 30 TB for $ 299.99 / month


Google gives you the ability to store up to a total of 15GB of files for free (including photos and files in your box email).

A right-click anywhere on the interface apart from a file or a click on the "+ New" button gives access to the current options of creating or importing folders and files.

For example: Create a new "Blank Folder."  Though Google offers Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation: Google offers all standard office applications and more online.

Still, with the right-click, the lower part of the contextual menu lists the Google applications. Click on "More" to access the creation of forms, drawings, personalized maps, websites, etc.



On Google Drive, you can create your folders and subfolders and organize them in a tree structure as easily as in Windows Explorer.

You can also import files and even complete folders from all your devices (PC, smartphone, or tablet) by clicking on the "import" buttons or by simply dragging and dropping (here on PC, opening side by side the window of your explorer and that of your Drive).

The file formats that can be imported and edited on Google Drive are varied; they are not necessarily files created with Google applications: Microsoft Office documents, Open Office, pdf files, zip archives, images, and even audio or video files.

Note: the imported photos and videos are visible in Google Photos (which allows the creation of albums, montages, or animations).


This is undoubtedly the flagship feature of Google's solution: it simplifies collaborative work by allowing simultaneous access by several users to the same files.

The different access levels

By default, the documents you create are for your exclusive use. The share option allows you to grant more or fewer rights to a file.

There are four access levels:


(so you, who have all the rights!);


your contacts can modify your file; this is the sharing option proposed by default (symbolized by the stylus);


your contacts can add annotations (the text bubble) but not modify the content of the file;


they only access in consultation (the eye)

Right-clicking on the file to share opens the context menu, click on "Share."


To use this feature, you must have a Google account and an online storage space on Google Drive, which goes up to 15 GB in its free version. Note that this manual was produced on Windows 10 computer. The procedure under macOS is generally identical, except for the nomenclatures specific to Apple's OS for the names of certain menus.

To download the Backup & Sync app, go to the Google Drive page or the Google Photos page. Once the file has been downloaded to your Windows or macOS computer hard Drive, open it to start the installation.

Click the Get Started button in the application window, which prompts you to enter your Google Account credentials.

Select the folders to back up to Google Drive

The next step is to choose the specific folders you want to back up and automatically sync to Google Drive.

  • In the window that opens named My Computer, you will see that by default Google Drive offers to synchronize the Documents, Pictures, and Computer folders (for the Windows version). If you want to save all of the data in these folders, leave the setting as it is. Otherwise, uncheck these options and opt for manual selection.
  • To do this, click on Select a folder. You can then browse your computer's Hard Drive, the contents of an SD memory card, or a connected USB device to choose the folder of your choice. Repeat the maneuver for each folder you want to add. Note that the Backup & Sync application only allows you to select folders and not individual files. Then click on the Next button.
  • In the next window, you are offered to synchronize the content already present on Google Drive on the computer. Otherwise, you can uncheck this option. Then click on the Start button to start the synchronization process.

Once the initial settings are complete, the Backup and Synchronization application performs the first synchronization of all the selected folders. The operation takes place in the background on the computer. On Windows, a white cloud icon appears in the right area of the taskbar.


What's more, using Google Drive on your computer, you can easily drag and drop any file, which will then automatically sync across all your devices. This is the whole point of Cloud! So all you have to do is enjoy your free 15 gigabytes!

Google Drive allows you to store and share your files online, to access them wherever you are, whenever you want it, from any terminal, PC, or mobile device. Here in this guide we have shared the method, “How to create a google drive account and what splendid features it has”. Hope you enjoy the guide!


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