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Handi-Care Intl. (HCI) has been facilitating clinical placements for PT/ OT/ SLP students in India since 2006 at our partner organization – Amar Seva Sangam (also referred to as ASSA) located in the rural town of Ayikudy in Tamil Nadu, India. HCI has agreements in place with 10 Canadian Universities and 1 university in USA to facilitate these placements. In addition, we have had North American OT, PT, SLP professionals eho volunteer come to ASSA to act as mentors and coaches to both students and Indian therapist at Amar Seva Sangam.

We have placed over 250 occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy students and professionals in this clinical exchange. Students and therapists work in ASSA's  various departments where they provide assessments and interventions for clients with disabilities, including both adult and children. The placement focuses on capacity building, knowledge exchange, and sustainable interventions.

Therapy centers at Amar Seva Sangam where student placements can occur:

Institution Based Rehabilitation (IBR)

  • Young Adults with Spinal Cord Injury (inpatient)
  • Early Intervention of children (age: 0-6) with developmental delay (CP, autism, speech, lanugauge, hearing impairment, and congenital deformities)
  • Children (age >6) with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities
  • Special Needs School (Children with Intellectual disabilities)
  • Outpatient Stroke, MSK, and Neuro Rehab

Village Based Rehabilitation (VBR) / Community / Home-Based Program

  • Children (age >10) with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities
  • Early Intervention, age: 0-10 with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities

Clinical Placement

  • Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, and SLP graduate students are invited to apply for clinical placements with Handi Care Intl. for a duration required by the university (which range form 6 – 12 weeks)
  • Placement will involve clinical work and project work (with dedicated time for project work)
  • Students will be placed at Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA)- our partner facility in South India, where food and accomodations are provided on campus
  • Supervision, interim and final evaluations will be provided by PT, OT and SLPs working at ASSA.
  • Feedback form to be completed and submitted to HCI and the end of the placement.
  • North American volunteer therapists (OT, PT, SLP) are also welcome to apply for a volunteer position to support and mentor both North American students and ASSA’s therapists

Handi-Care Intl.'s role:

  • HCI is responsible for receiving, screeing and recruiting the students. HCI coordinates with the Canadian universities, students, volunteers and with Amar Seva Sangam for the placements.
  • Once your application is received and approved, you will be given a shared link and are required to read the orientation manual. You will find all the relevant details, contacts and info in these document, that can help you with preparation.
  • We provide orientations online before departure and connect you with alumni.
  • Universities and families can contact us in case of emergency.

Requirements from applicants:

  • An application to be filed with HCI.
  • A donation of $200 is payable to Handi-Care Intl. per week of placement for students. Tax receipt will be provided.
  • Professional volunteers are not charged a fee, but are welcome to give a donation to cover the cost of food and accommodation.

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