U.Nandha Kumar

Condition: Severely Mentally Retarded with Epilepsy
Date of birth: 26- 04- 1991
Type of Rehab: Special Education at Nesam, Arcot, India
Education: Special Education
Sponsors – Sarla Bhuta, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year of sponsorship: 2002
At time of sponsorship 2004
Profile: U.Nandha Kumar
Name of the student: U.Nandha Kumar
Father's Name/Occupation: Udayaraj
Mother's Name/Occupation: Vijayalakshmi, Passed 8th Std / House Wife.
Address: 17/16 Thavadai Street,Arcot 632503.
Siblings: First child, Another girl-10 year old. Going to a normal school.
Nature of Disability: Mentally Challenged(Severe)
Birth History: Delivered by caesarean section in a hospital (Hamsa) in Ranipet. The child did not cry immediately.
Condition of the child on Admission: All the milestones were very much delayed. The child walks. No speech. Totally dependant for all his daily routine activities. The child is epileptic and is on combination of drugs.
Medical History:
Training Given at Nesam Sc:

The child is very severely affected. A Toilet chart was prepared and followed But till now he is not able to indicate his toileting need. Till date, he is not able to take his food to the mouth and the mother is only feeding him.There is no marked improvement in the boy as the boy is severely epileptic and is on combination of drugs.The mother is taken as a trainee and she is helping in a class.


 He is one of the senior student, hailing from very poor family; His father is no more.  His mother is working here as helper.e is attending the school regularly.  He fully depends on others for his daily living.  Recently, he met with an accident while coming to school, he was fallen down on the road, due to epilepsy.