Boniface - Handi-Care Intl. Fund

Help Patients with disabilities at ASSA
to obtain the Equipment they Need!

Handi-Care Intl. has been arranging clinical placements for OT, PT, SLP students from 11 Canadian and American Universities and volunteer experiences for professional OTs, PTs and SLPs at Amar SevaSangam (ASSA) since 2005.

Many of our volunteer therapists and students come across clients in need of equipment including mobility aids such as wheelchairs, daily living aids (bathing, eating, dressing, return to work aids)or support surfaces (cushions, mattresses). However, many of these clients are unable to afford them and there are no govt funding programs for these clients. Please note that average FAMILY income for clients we serve in rural India is $1000 CAD per YEAR.

In the past, there has been no formal mechanism at ASSA to identify clients in need of equipment and to determine eligibility and facilitating acquire such equipment.

Thanks to a seed donation from 2 OT volunteers -Gio and Jeff Boniface and Handi-Care Intl., we have established an Equipment Provision Program.

How does the program work?

OT, PT, SLP students, volunteer therapists and ASSA therapists that identify a client in need of equipment – help their client fill out an application form for equipment to be purchased for them.

Applications are reviewed every month by an expert committee for eligibility and once approved, the equipment is purchased for the client.

How can you help?

By donating to this program, you are helping clients with disabilities obtain equipment that is essential for them to be more functional and maximum their potential. Monetary donations most preferred so that local equipment can be procured. In addition, items on this attached wish-list can be donated and transported by visiting therapists and students.

What makes this program unique?

Students and therapists going to ASSA will directly see the benefits of your donations. For example, volunteer and student OTs are treating a client that has pressure sores and a lack of cushions on their wheelchair leads to this being a recurrent issue. They and their client feel helpless as there are no free cushions available at ASSA.

Now, they can apply to this program and a cushion is ordered and the client is more comfortable in their wheelchair and bedsores are prevented.

Our students in Clinical Placements and our professional OT/ PT/ SLP Volunteers will approach you for a donation towards this program and please honour their request and your kind and generous donations will be much appreciated.

Please see the names and pictures of students and volunteers going to ASSA in the near future.


Students in Clinical Placements- 2019 - 2020

Joshua Longo - Univ. of Toronto - 2019

Zahra Kanji -Univ. of Toronto - 2019

Abhinayaa Jeyapragash - Univ. of Toronto - 2019

Sumaira Khan - Univ. of Toronto - 2019

Stephanie Seilman - Univ. of Toronto - 2019

Brigitte Lorenz - Univ. of Ottawa - 2020

Sonja Smydo - Univ. of Ottawa - 2020

Zack Legault - Univ. of Mcgill - 2020

Courtney Silvari - Univ. of Manitoba - 2020

Sara Janssen - Univ. of Manitoba - 2020

Alexadra - Dalhousie University - 2020

Alyson Pickard - Dalhousie University - 2020


Hai-Oanh Bui-Nguyen - Univ. of Sherbrooke - 2020

Alyssa Bouffard - Univ. of Sherbrooke - 2020

Carol-ann Gagnon - Univ. of Sherbrooke - 2020

Marie-Catherine - Univ. of Sherbrooke - 2020

Chloé Marcoux - Univ. of Sherbrooke - 2020

Jaqueline Brower - UBC - 2020

Sarah England - UBC - 2020

Sarah Hafer - UBC - 2020

Gemma Tedeschi - UBC - 2020

Alessandra Marchisio - Itally - 2020

Abby Dortmans - Western University - 2020

Roslyn Fried - Western University - 2020

Taylor Lund - Western University - 2020

Kelly Emblem - Western University - 2020

Megan Lee - Western University - 2020


Professional Volunters - 2019 - 2020

Eleanor Bates - OT - 2019

Jean-Francois - OT - 2020

Erica Caron - PT - 2020