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Request from Zoe Campbell, Canadian OT to ASSA, India



Dear family and friends,

Zoé Campbell is a Canadian occupational therapist and a volunteer with (Amar Seva Sangam). She first volunteered with ASSA in the Fall 2016 and assisted with the Village-Based Rehabilitation Initiative’s Early Intervention program (VBRI EI program). She helped write grants for the VBRI EI program, including a scale-up grant for Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) which was successfully awarded to ASSA. This grant helped expand the VBRI EI program and offer rehabilitation services to more children in rural/remote southern India.

Zoé also completed an evaluation of the VBRI EI program which informed the next steps for the scaling-up project. Since Fall 2016, she has continued to volunteer on Handi-Care International’s Student Placement group and helps with research with the VBRI EI program while working in rural northwestern Ontario. She contributed to two poster presentations at the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (June 2017) and the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Conference (May 2018). She attends regular student placement meetings, manages the One Drive account and has supervised students completing placements in the VBRI program. She has contributed to a research article focused on caregiver change through the VBRI EI program which was recently submitted for publishing. Zoé is also the lead co-author on a research project focused on client-centred practice within the VBRI EI program.

Zoé will be travelling to ASSA in September 2019 to collect data for the Grand Challenge Canada’s final report and various research projects. She will be collecting qualitative data to complement the quantitative data collection. She will gather feedback from key stakeholders who will be able to provide data that may have been missed in the quantitative data collection and unanticipated results. This data will help improve school enrollment, client-centred practice at ASSA, employee training and help to understand factors that impact clients’ ability and interest in participating in therapy. She is looking to cover the cost of her flight and other costs related to research in the field.


Zoe Campbell, Canadian OT

Zoe Campbell