Request from OT graduate students ofMcGill


Dear family and friends,

Welcome to our page! We are four students from McGill University studying Occupational Therapy. In Jan 2019, we will be travelling to India for two months to assist in providing rehabilitation services at Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA).

ASSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitation, education, and empowerment of people with disabilities. It is located in a rural village of Ayikudy in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. ASSA provides an accessible and supportive home for children and adults living with various physical and developmental disabilities as well as schooling and vocational training for clients locally and rurally.

As Canadian OT students, we are grateful for this opportunity to experience this global health placement, while building on our skills as future clinicians. We hope to learn about hardships and successes that come with working in an under-resourced setting as well as truly experience a unique culture.

In fundraising efforts, we hope to raise $5000 to go towards purchasing equipment and supplies that would assist ASSA clients in maximizing their independence and improving their quality of life. Any contribution you make today will help keep the foundation running as ASSA runs solely on donations. Thank you very much for your generosity.


The McGill OT Team