Handi-care Intl. (www.handicareintl.org) invites students and others of any age to experience our enriching volunteer programs. Volunteer placements are at an institution called Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA) in rural South India, which focuses on rehabilitation and education of disabled people through its school, vocational training centres, rehabilitation centre and medical clinic. More information about Amar Seva Sangam can be found at www.amarseva.org.

Handicare Intl. has created unforgettable volunteers experiences for students (high school and university) and professionals in health care and education. Through these placements, volunteers build invaluable leadership skills, gain cultural insights, cultivate lifelong friendships, and have fun. They return home with new perspectives on international development and a focus on future career goals. Many volunteers have subsequently found careers in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, teaching and medicine. Handicare Intl has been placing volunteers in India since 2004. So far, more than 40 Canadian volunteers have participated in our in various areas such as education, medical / rehabilitation, recreation, sports, computer related services, and so on.