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We are collecting donations for the COVID relief supplies. People are being ferried on stretchers from hospital to hospital, gasping for air, only to be turned away. People are told to buy oxygen and medication and self-treat at home. Brave doctors, nurses and hospitals are doing all they can to fight this deadly virus -- but they’re extremely stretched, and need urgent help with life-saving supplies!Our services are spread across several rural districts in India and there is a dire need for support for poor families who can not afford medication and oxygen. With your donation we will be able to supply the most essential items.

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Action plan by Amar Seva Sangam

Hon.Secretary Speaks about Covid Situation
Reaching out to 5000 families with members with special needs are receiving support from Amar Seva Sangam


What happens at Early Intervention

Creative Living program by Sandhya Srivatsan Successfully Completed on
Jun 13, 2021 Sunday

An excellent program, well received by an overflowing audience. Sandhya elaborated on the positive therapeutic effects of music from a range of genres and modes of presenting, from instruments to vocal. The young talents, who presented the various pieces, stole everyone's hearts. Sandhya herself showcased her multi talents of organizing, producing and presenting the nuances of a complex topic in the most enjoyable and interesting manner. Handi-Care offers a humble 'thank you' to Sandhya and the entire team who supports her.

Jeem Boom Bha - Jeopardy style quiz show Successfully Completed on
June 12th - Saturday

JBB team presented an outstanding game show, that kept an overflowing audience and participants on their toes and squeezed the juices from everyone's brains to come up with the right answers while having a fantastic time. Many many thanks from Handi-Care, to the front line presenters, backstage organizers and all the participants Read more......

Zumba gold - a series of weekly Zumba fitness starting on June 5th, 9 - 10 AM

Zumba is an energetic dance workout. Zumba gold focuses on increasing mobility, flexibility and movement. Participants will enjoy vibrant music with accessible exercise to get the heart rate pumping! Read more........

Globally Recognized Early Intervention Program

EI logo EI photo

In 2017, Handi-Care Intl. and Amar Seva Sangam created the Enabling Inclusion (EI) app and program which has won global recognition in 4 continents and covered by the international media.

The program has benefitted over 2500 children with disabilities and with published results in prestigious journals and conferences which show improved child development, decreased caregiver strain, improved family empowerment and improved child school enrollment and inclusion.

President of Handi-Care Intl., Mrs. Sulo Krishna received the "Woman Achiever" award for "Volunteering" on International women's day.

Sponsor a child aged 0 to 10           Urgent Need - Donate Now

Sponsor a child below age 10. Our Global awards winning project, cosponsored by Azim Premji Foundation. The project offers EI therapy for close to 1500 children  Read More

Meal For A Day / Campus Feeding

A very popular program where poor disabled children and youth get special meals on a day of your choice. A wonderful program to celebrate a birthday or wedding  anniversary Read more

Clinical placement for Canadian students

Over 150 OT/PT students from Canada have participated since 2006. HCI has affiliations with 11 Canadian Universities, and we have added SLP student placements in 2019. Read More

Support SDR surgery for children in Canada

Handi-Care Intl. is supporting SDR surgery (done in USA) and rehababilitaion for Canadian children with Cerebral Palsy by assisiting the parents to raise funds Read More

Sponsor a Youth

Youth between the ages 18 and 25 with disabilities come under this program. Many youth are high school graduates and are enrolled in various Degree and Diploma programs, Read More

Sponsor a child - above age 10

Under this program, we invite you to sponsor children with various disabilities between the ages of 6 and 18. This is one of our oldest programs which started in year 1992 Read more

Major partner-India

Our first and major partner to date (since 1992) is an Indian registered charity " AMAR SEVA SANGAM " a highly reputable and award winning organization run "by the disabled for the disabled". Read more...

Therapeutic Equipment Donation

When a therapist at Amar Seva Sangam identifies a patient in need of equipment, needed to assist and improve the condition, it is brought to HCI for funding support. Read more