Placement Overview - Clinical

It would benefit the new volunteers to read "A Just Right Experience" written by Janna Abdulrahman after her placement in 2014. Everything she said stands true to date and similar experience is felt by all the students and professionals who participate in our program.

Handi-Care Intl. has been facilitating clinical placements for PT/ OT students since 2006. Handi-Care Intl. has agreements with 11 universities across Canada to facilitate clinical placements in India. From 2019, we have added "Speech Language Pathology" (SLP) students as well for the placement.

Over 150 Health Sciences students in Canada have participated in this program since it began in 2006. HCI has formed affiliations with eleven Canadian Universities, and 116 occupational therapy students, physiotherapy students, and professionals have participated in this clinical exchange from 2012 to 2018. Students and therapists work with the ASSA's disabled children and adults and focus on capacity building, knowledge exchange, and sustainable interventions.

Therapy centres at Amar Seva Sangam where you can choose your area(s) of interest:

  • In-patient Adult Spinal Cord Rehab
  • Out-patient Adult Stroke Rehab‎
  • Early Intervention Rehab Program (age 0-6, children with CP, autism, speech, hearing impairment)‎‎
  • School Age Children Rehab Program‎
  • Special Needs School (children with intellectual disability)‎
  • Village / Home Based Early Intervention Program (age 0-6)‎
  • Village / Home Based Program for Children above age 6‎

Handi-Care Intl.'s clinical placement program, where the graduate students from Canada also participate in the research, has become internationally recognized and the results of this program have been published in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Journal and will be presented at the WFOT International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2018.

View the presentation below by a McGill OT student, who completed her placement in Mar.2016. This is a good orientation guide.


Click here to View the presentation by Chantal Jacques, OT Supervisior and her students.

Click here to View the presentation by Dr. Ramasubramanian Head PT Supervisior, Amar Seva Sangam.

Click here to View the Experience Report by Dr. Ramasubramanian Head PT Supervisior, Amar Seva Sangam attended WFOT Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and SLP graduate students are invited to apply for clinical placements with Handi Care Intl. for a duration required by the university.
  • Students will be placed at Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA)- our partner facility in South India.
  • Handi-Care Intl. has been facilitating clinical placements for PT/ OT students since 2006.
  • Handi-Care Intl. has signed affiliation agreements with 11 universities across Canada, such as  University of British Columbia, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, Queens University, University of Manitoba, Dalhousie University, University of Sherbrook, University of Ottawa, University of Colorado(USA) and McGill University to facilitate these clinical placements in India.
  • Participating students from these universities have had exceptionaly positive feedbacks about their placement experience.
  • Fees : See below

Included in this are:

  • Room and board (3 vegetarian meals a day and access to coffee and tea all day long). The kitchen staff is very accommodating and understanding. They will oblige and prepare the meals to your liking and tolerance. Eg., less spicy etc..
  • Rooms have attached washroom and may have to be shared with up to 2 other students.
  • Work related trips to adjacent villages
  • Minor health issues can be treated by the staff doctor in campus at no fee. (You will have to pay for the medicines)
  • A tax receipt from HCI for the donation (fees).

Not included:

  • Additional snack items, such as fruits, cookies etc..
  • Personal trips for sightseeing, shopping etc..
  • Medical consultations and medicines (Your insurance will cover most of this)

Handi-Care Intl.'s role:

  • We act as liaison between the University and Amar Seva Sangam for the placements.
  • Once your application is received and approved, you will be given a shared link. You will find all the relevant details, contacts, photos, and so on, that can help you with easy transitioning.
  • We provide 2-3 orientations via skype  before departure and connect you with alumni.
  • Universities / families can contact us in case of emergency.
  • For PT/OT students, we usually have an on site volunteer OTs from Canada that provide supervision. They are providing excellent guidance, mentoring and on the job training..

Requirements from applicants:

  • A donation of $180 is payable to Handi-Care Intl. per week of placement.
  • Volunteers who are designated as official student supervisors are not charged a fee.
  • An application to be filed with HCI. (Application for Clinical Placement)
  • Feedback form to be completed and submitted to HCI and the end of the placement.

Be sure to read the "Orientation Manual" for all travel preparations and other details.

ASSA 2016 McGill Student Presentation (3)