Gokul K

Sponsorship transferred to Manoj Kumar.M in Sep 2018.

Condition : Mental Retardation
Date of birth : 08-07-2000
Date of Joining : 01.07.2008
Type of Rehab : Special Ed
Education : VIII th standard
Sponsors : Cadambi and Kalpana Sriram, Dinesh and Kavitha Krishna
Year of sponsorship : Apr 2010 & October 2010 & March 2011
Type of sponsorship : Amudhasurabhi (food, transportation and daily living) & Srividhya (Education related) & Dhanvanthri
Discharge Remark : He has completed VIII std successfully in inclusive education so he is transferred to Vocational training in Amar Seva sangam from July 2018.

Description of child condition at the time of initial

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