Ramalakshmi. G-Profile

Ramalakshmi. G

Sponsorship transferred to Enisan in July 2017

Condition : Cerebral Palsy
Date of birth : 15.10.2009
Date of Joining : 03.10.2012
Type of Rehab : Early Intervention
Education :
Sponsors : Anilkumar and Shanthi Menon
Year of sponsorship : June 2013
Type of sponsorship : Endownment
Facility Provided : EI Therapy at EI centre
Note :

Discharge Remark : Condition improved and the child discharged.

Reports for Ramalakshmi. G :

The scores may vary from the previous evaluations. This may be due to changes and upgrades made in the process or due to deterioration in child's health conditions.

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