Shajith. M

Promoted PMRC and Discharged. Sponsorship Transferred to Sudalai R in July 2014

Condition : Delayed development
Date of birth : 02.08.2011
Date of Joining : 03.10.2012
Type of Rehab : Early Intervention
Education : Special Education
Sponsors : B.Srinivasan
Year of sponsorship : Dec 2012
Type of sponsorship : Endownment
Discharge Remark : He was admitted at EI centre in Oct 2012. When he was admitted in EI, he had problem sitting, hand functions and standing. Upon receiving intensive therapy at Amar Seva Sangam, he can sit and he can pick up objects with two hands. Further treatment involves, regular home based therapy and follow up by ASSA rehab team. He is transferred to PMRC …… in July 2014

Description of child condition at the time of initial

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