Siva Karthika. M

Successfully completed – Sponsorship transferred to Rani. P in (July 2014)

Condition : Cerebral Palsy
Date of birth : 15.10.2009
Date of Joining : 01.08.2012
Type of Rehab : Early Intervention
Education : Special Education
Sponsors : Sacha and Shelly Ghai
Year of sponsorship : Jan 2013
Type of sponsorship : Endownment
Discharge Remark : Discharge based on Successful Completion of Rehabilitation at Amar Seva Sangam. Transferred to PMRC (Parents Manages Respite Centre)

Description of child condition at the time of initial

Success Story : When she joined our centre at Amar Seva Sangam, she was having difficulty in walking and using her right hand, especially to grasp objects. She had regular rehabilitation treatment at our centre for about 18 months and she learnt to walk and improved significantly in her fine motor skills. Now she is walking independently and uses her right hand for brushing, bathing and writing. After one year intensive therapeutic support, we encouraged her to go the Kindergarten school in Tenkasi. The nursery school teachers are very supportive and providing better learning environment in the school.

Reports for Siva Karthika. M :