Child Profile

Mathan Muginthen Nellaiappan

Sponsorship transferred from Madhu Balan in Dec 2020. Sponsorship transferred to Sivasubramani Murugesan in Oct 2022.

Condition : Cerebral Palsy- GMFCS Level IV
Date of birth : 31st May 2020
Date of Joining : 29th Dec 2020
Type of Rehab : Early Intervention
Education :
Sponsors : Sacha and Shelly Ghai
Year of sponsorship : Dec 2020 (Initially in Jan 2013)
Type of sponsorship : Endowment
Discharge Remark : Child was died on Oct 2022.

Description of child condition at the time of initial

1.thechild has developmental delay,speech  and cognition delay .

2.He cannot stand independently.

3.he communicates verbally through vocalization and words only, he expresses though gestures. 

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